For example analyses and some interesting visualizations, see Mapping Elections in Turkey.

For an example analysis comparing the Chapel Hill Expert Survey and Comparative Manifesto Project datasets, see Party Manifestos.

For a network of Twitter interactions in the post-coup attempt period in Turkey, see Interactive Twitter Network Graph.

This list below presents some original data I collected or collated from various resources. Please contact me for details.

  • 2014-2015 Microlevel Experimental Survey Dataset: Recruited online participants through Facebook to follow political attitudes, behavior and specifically, clientelistic and programmatic linkages over a panel data that with 1045 respondents. Panel waves cover four consecutive elections: 2014 Local elections, 2014 Presidential elections, 2015 General elections (June) and 2015 early general elections (November).

  • MPs and candidates on Twitter during election campaign periods (2015-2018).

  • Availability of local municipality budgets and itemized expense/income reports in Turkey (2005-2019)

  • Post-Coup attempt Twitter data including tweets, mentions, follower and mention networks for the July – December 2016 period.

  • District level socioeconomic development indicators for Turkey, 2012: Includes data for 957 districts: educational attainment, gender differences in education and number bank branches.

  • Cross-country development and vote buying dataset. Rules and regulations on vote buying, several economic indicators and prevalence of vote buying in 55 countries.

  • 2014 and 2009 Turkish district level mayoral elections, biographical data of the candidates.

  • The True European Voter dataset on micro level political behavior across Europe.